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Sleep Apnea Dental Services in Winnipeg

You may suffer from sleep apnea if you do not feel well rested when you wake up. Visit Village Orthodontics in Winnipeg to learn about our sleep apnea services.

At Village Orthodontics in Winnipeg, we’ve helped many of our patients achieve a life of healthy, restful sleep.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition where your breathing stops periodically during sleep. Each time you stop breathing in your sleep you may be temporarily woken up to restart breathing.


The following symptoms can indicate the presence of sleep apnea:

  • Difficulty sleeping or Insomnia
  • Loud snoring 
  • Waking up at night often
  • Headaches when waking in the morning
  • Extreme drowsiness throughout the day

Sleep Apnea, Winnipeg Orthodontist


Treatments for sleep apnea depend on the severity of each individual case, and the type of apnea. You should consult a physician about treatment before visiting an orthodontist.

Basic treatment can be behavioural as you may be instructed to lose weight, stop smoking, or sleep on your side instead of on your back. Oral devices can also be used to position the mouth in a way that prevents throat blockage. There may also be surgical options for your treatment. 

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